Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Importance Of Writing a Diary

A diary keeps track of every moment of our life whether it be big or small.A diary is a place where we can write our personal thoughts into.A diary should contain all the important events that we had encountered in our lives.It may be anything like the day you spoke with your close buddies, the day you were affronted in a meeting,your crush, your love, your care for someone,your emotions, your friend's birthday and so on. So that after years, When we look back at it, it would make us realize "how important that particular day was been" in our life.It makes us feel elated when we look back at the fun-filled moments.

At the same time, it really make us cry when we read about a sad day that we had encountered in our past.Though it is hard to remember every moment in heart,it would be better if one writes it in a diary and keep it safe.I like turning back the pages of my life thereby learning from my past.Diary writing is my favorite pass time too.When you get bored, you can open your diary and could just feel the moment that happened many years ago.So just keep track of every moment in your life. Enjoy writing!

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Sneha......... said...

that is a great piece, did help me. But i feel your writing has more potential